The Art

709 Cherry Street
Columbia, MO 65201

Monday—Saturday 11am—1:30am (late night)
Sunday 11am—midnight


One of the most distinct and memorable features of Addison’s is the series of original paintings by artist and bartender David Spear that line its walls. The works’ bold hues of red, yellow, blue, and green complement the restaurant’s interior elements and depict a variety of restaurant scenes, even behind-the-doors glimpses into the kitchens. Although many influences have contributed to Spear’s work, his largest inspiration was the style of Midwest regionalists such as Thomas Hart Benton. Spear’s works capture urban Americana vibrantly, with close attention to detail, and create a trendy yet sophisticated dining ambiance.

Spears has been part of the Addison’s staff since he returned to Columbia in 2000, and he operates his own arts studio, Alleyway Arts. Visit his online gallery,, for more information.